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John Kok


About Us

My name is John Kok. I have been designing websites as a hobby and for extra income since 1997 using different programs and languages including Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Dreamweaver and Joomla. I now develop and design websites with WordPress because it is powerful, secure and flexible.

Web247 came to life on 01 March 2018 as a fully fledged web design business. We are based in Boksburg, Gauteng and being an online business we are able to offer our services to clients in Gauteng and anywhere else.

We keep on learning and improving ourselves in order to offer first class websites to meet the requirements of our clients.

OUR Vision

Your website must work for you, with a design and an appearance that fits in with the image you portray and it must help to bring more business to you by showcasing your products and services to potential clients. We aim to be instrumental in helping you achieve these objectives.

Our vision is to become a trusted supplier to many more clients and to offer the service, security, quality and value-for-money that each client requires. We furthermore endeavour to maintain your website to function effectively so that you can focus on running your business. 

“We aim to be instrumental in helping you achieve these objectives.”


What we offer

It is all about you, your expectations and your requirements. Our services are designed to make your website dreams come true.


A domain gives credibility, security and flexibility.

Each registered domain is  unique and points to a specific web space.

We register your domain name for you.


On local servers

We only host on secure local servers. With different hosting options available, upgrading, downgrading or adding extra functionality is easy.

Website design


Whether you require a single page website with basic information or a website with more pages and functionality we will quote you and give you clear specifications for you to make an informative decision.


Inner workings

We update the backend (the inner workings) of each website regularly to ensure it is secure and works properly.

Frontend (your data, images etc) updates will be done according to your needs.


standard On site

Search engine optimization is very important and we offer on site SEO as a standard feature on all the websites we design.

 There are also third party paid services available at extra costs.

Copy writing

Effective Text

We can assist in writing copy for your website when required. Images are very important but text adds other information which is vital for search engine compliance.

We write in English and Afrikaans.



Images on websites should be optimized to be crisp and clear while still loading fast.

Visitors will leave a site if they have to wait too long for a page to load because of bad images.



If you need a new logo or  adjustments to your existing logo then we can quote you on designing or adjusting it.

A clear logo, can become immediately recognizable and should be special and specific.

“It is all about you and your expectations and requirements.”


why choose web247


Clarity and transparency

We specify what is included when quoting on your requirements. You will know what to expect regarding the time it will take, functionality included, features included, maintenance schedule and what is included in maintenance.


Safety and security

We install a security plugin on every site that provides  enterprise-class WordPress security. We do regular backups that are stored in the cloud and on physical hard disks. Backend updates are done as per our maintenance agreement.



You will receive monthly feedback which will include maintenance done on your site, a site health report, your site performance as well as other information and suggestions when available.


Different options

We don’t limit your choice to just a few standard options. We quote specifically on your requirements and calculate what need done and we will give you different options. You choose the option that suits you.



We keep to your requirements and will continuously update you on how we are progressing. We are committed to deliver as promised so that you are satisfied with your website.

“We keep to your requirements and will continuously update you on how we are progressing.”

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This is good to know


 All the websites we design and build are totally responsive. They work effectively and look good on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

99 % Uptime

Promising 100 % uptime would be great but that would be unrealistic. We still live in a world where things can go wrong. However, we keep on aiming for 100 %.

Doing it right

We are organized and work with accurate procedures that have been adjusted to perfection over time. This allows us to do it right.


What clients say about us

"My website is regtig awesome. Ek is so opgewonde".

"Thank you the site is looking great... I really love the overall look and feel of the website. ".

"Thank you very much. I am really happy with my site".

Website design by Web247

Covid-19 Considerations

Is your website working for you?

It is impossible to determine the total impact the Corona virus will have on society. We are all affected in some way or another. This all came over us so suddenly and unexpectedly. Apart from not being properly prepared, we actually had no idea what we were about to go through.

Nearly all businesses are affected. An effective website works for any size business and it is becoming an absolute necessity to have a good website. Do you have a website that is really working for you especially during these difficult economic times? Does your clients have access to vital information? Would an effective website have brought more attention and interest to your business? Contact us today to discuss your website requirements.

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